Top 5 ‘must see and do’ when visiting Dublin


O’Callaghan’s Top 5 attractions you cannot miss: experience Dublin at its best!

It’s very easy to find the ‘Top attractions to see and do’ when you’re visiting Dublin and although the main attractions such as the Guinness Store House, Book of Kells, Dublin Zoo and so on, are fantastic attractions, it’s always more exciting to try things that aren’t so streamline.

With that said, we have decided to put together our very own list of ‘must see and do’ when visiting Dublin city and if you are a regular visitor to Dublin, this list is especially good for you to try out.

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We asked our receptionists, duty managers, event organisers, pretty much everyone from each of the 4 city centre Dublin hotels, what their recommendations were and we have come up with a pretty exceptional ‘what to do see and do in Dublin’ list.


Viking Splash- a fun new way to explore the city!

Viking Splash- a fun new way to explore the city!

This tour is simply great and it definitely showcases Dublin’s main sites and history facts in a fun and exciting way. And the best thing about the Viking tour is that it isn’t just for tourists, locals enjoy this tour as much as tourists do which is always a good sign!

What makes this tour different from your regular bus tour is that you will have ‘Vikings’ show you the sites of the capital from a World War II amphibious vehicle- all whilst the Viking guide delivers informative, entertaining and engaging commentary!

The most exciting part of the tour is that your Viking vehicle will give you a guide of the city on land and on WATER without having to move from your seat! This is definitely a unique and exciting way to see a unique and exciting city!

The tour departs from Stephen’s Green North which is only a short walk from the Stephens Green Hotel.


This is the best way to see Dublin.

This is the best way to see Dublin.


The Etihad Skyline Tour gives visitors the chance to learn about Dublin’s landmarks, key figures and history of the 1916 Rising in an interactive and memorable style while enjoying spectacular views of Dublin and the brilliant stadium!

This tour is particularly good for people who enjoy heights as well as sports and for those who are unfamiliar with the Gaelic sport this is definitely the tour to gain more knowledge on the many Gaelic legends that have played in Croke Park.



If you enjoy outdoor activities,  this is the best way to explore Dublin!

If you enjoy outdoor activities, this is a great way to explore Dublin!

If you’re an outdoor person and like new adventures, well City Kayaking is the perfect way to see Dublin in a new and exciting way. Explore Dublin’s most famous river, take in some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and see the city from a completely different angle with City Kayaking.

Kayak your way down through the River Liffey through the heart of the city under some of Dublin’s most famous bridges and past well known landmarks. Whether you are a local or a tourist to Dublin you’re bound to enjoy these unique and exclusive trips.

The River Liffey is only a few minutes’ walk from O’Callaghan Hotels Dublin. See our list of Dublin hotels here.


Listen to some story telling and learn more about the history of Dublin.

Listen to some story telling and learn more about the history of Dublin.

Experiencing the Irish culture is essential when visiting Dublin and as you probably already know the pub scene ie ‘a fine pint of Guinness’, has a significant part to play in the Irish culture. With a wide variety of pubs available in Dublin ( 666 licensed pubs to be precise!), it is extremely difficult to know where to start or what pub will give you the true Irish experience that Ireland is renowned for.

‘Dublin’s Literary Pub Crawl’ gives you exactly what you are looking for; two actors Derek and Colm will take you on a trail of some of the oldest pubs in Dublin while delivering a wonderful mix of entertaining performances on history and literature to their guests. Enjoying a pint of Guinness and learning the history of Dublin, it certainly is a unique way to experience Dublin!

Temple Bar is only a short walk from the Stephens Green Hotel- reserve your room here.



Taste some of Dublin's best dishes.

Taste some of Dublin’s best dishes.

Like every country, food has a major part to play in its culture, therefore it is important to know where to go and what to order from a menu, to really experience the Irish food culture. Irish food has come a long way from just potatoes and homemade brown bread, Ireland has seen a lot of great changes over the years and as a country we are very passionate about our food!

Dublin Tasting Trail will share with you the wide selection of delicious foods now available in Dublin. The trail visits a range of bakeries, food halls, street markets, cheese mongers, delicatessens and other specialty shops.

This is a great way to meet artisans whose families have traded for generations producing food as well as new arrivals to the food scene bringing new international tastes and food ideas to the Irish table. And of course, the great thing about this tour is that you get to taste Irish produce served both in a traditional and contemporary style.

As you enjoy the food, you’ll also learn a little about the culture and history of each neighborhood. Those familiar with the city will be amazed to discover food outlets and tasty surprised they never knew existed and visitors will leave with an insider and up to date knowledge of the best of what is happening food-wise in Ireland.

Our list has been tried and tested by our customers and staff here at O’Callaghan’s and we highly recommend you to try out at least one activity on the list. When you do get the opportunity to experience one of our Top 5 ‘must see and do’ we would love to hear all about it.

We wish you all the best on your new adventures in Dublin.